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Cosmopor E Self-Adhesive Wound Dressing

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Cosmopor E Sterile self-adhesive wound dressing

Cosmopor E is a self-adhesive wound dressing that is suitable for the treatment of postoperative wounds. The bandage is made of soft and flexible material that adapts to the shape of the wound and the skin. Cosmopor E has an absorbent wound pad that absorbs wound fluid and protects against infections. The bandage is also water-repellent and allows the skin to breathe.

*also available in a non-sterile version: the Cosmopor® strip, a ready-to-use plaster in the same quality.

  • Cosmopor E Self-Adhesive Wound Dressing
  • Non-woven polyester with a viscose wound pad. The wound pad has a polyethylene mesh cover, so that it does not adhere to the wound.
  • The adhesive edges are prepared with a synthetic-based adhesive without rosin.
  • Self-adhesive: the bandage sticks only to itself and not to the wound or skin, making dressing changes painless.
  • Soft and flexible: the bandage is comfortable to wear and moves with the skin.
  • Absorbent: the bandage absorbs the wound fluid and prevents leakage.
  • Protective: The bandage forms a barrier against bacteria and dirt, reducing the risk of infections.
  • Water-repellent: the bandage is resistant to water and sweat, making it suitable for daily use.
  • Breathable: The bandage allows the skin to breathe, promoting healing.
  • The skin must be dry before applying the bandage.
  • Classified as a medical device class I, Sterile.
  • Equipped with a CE marking according to EU directive 93/42/EC.