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Do the products not meet your expectations? You can return!

Please take the following points into account when returning your order:

  • Product(s) is in original and good condition
  • Product(s) is not damaged
  • To the extent possible, return in the same packaging
  • Free returns are possible from an order amount of 50 euros
  • You have the right to return a maximum of 14 days after receiving your order
  • After receiving the return shipment, we will refund the costs incurred and the amount of the order within 14 days

Good to know: You don't have to pay anything for your return shipping. That is our service.

Request your return label here via:




You have a cooling-off period of 14 days to return the product without giving reasons, starting on the day of receipt of the product. You have 14 days from the time of the return notification to return the product. The product can only be returned unused and, if possible, in the original packaging.
The return costs for returning the order are at your expense.
We will credit the amount within 14 days.
You can also use the model form.

The entrepreneur KS Medical Group will reimburse all payments made by the consumer, including any delivery costs charged by the entrepreneur for the returned product (if the entire order is returned), without delay but within 14 days following the day on which the consumer notifies him of the withdrawal. . Unless the entrepreneur offers to collect the product himself, he may wait with reimbursement until he has received the product or until the consumer demonstrates that he has returned the product, whichever is the earlier. The entrepreneur uses the same payment method that the consumer used for reimbursement, unless the consumer agrees to a different method. The refund is free of charge for the consumer.
If the consumer has opted for a more expensive method of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery, the entrepreneur does not have to reimburse the additional costs for the more expensive method.

4. Payment methods

You must provide information about the payment methods you offer. In addition to stating the payment options, you must also offer the option to pay afterwards. The provider may never stipulate an advance payment of more than 50 percent in the general terms and conditions when selling products to consumers. You must always offer at least one payment option that allows people to pay afterwards (or partly pay afterwards). There are parties who will take over the claim in full for a paid percentage of the purchase amount, so that you do not run any risk and do not have to chase your money, this concerns options 1,2 and 3.

Options are: 
1. Afterpay
2. Clarna
3. Billink
4. Cash on delivery shipping
5. 50% payment afterwards by bank transfer
6. Credit card provided that the amount is only debited once the order has been shipped and delivered 
7. Post-payment on invoice or via giro collection form is also an option, but the above options offer you more security.

Many consumers will have no problem with 100 percent prepayment, but the consumer must be able to make that choice themselves. 
The arrangement is not only stated in our general terms and conditions, but also in Dutch law. The fact that it is stated in the law means that non-members must also comply with this legislation. Failure to comply with this legal obligation falls under the supervision of the Consumer Authority. 

We often recommend cash on delivery shipping. You may pass on the costs to the customer. The customer will then have to pay €15.00 or more if they want their package delivered this way. 

5. Shipping costs & delivery time

You must provide information about shipping costs and delivery time. You can do this under the heading frequently asked questions (FAQ), customer service or in the footer under a heading 'shipping costs & delivery time'. It is insufficient if you only display this information in your general terms and conditions.

6.  Prices include VAT

In transactions with consumers, VAT is simply part of the price. This means that you must display all amounts including VAT.
This rule can be found in Article 38 of the Turnover Tax Act 1968. 
This is once again underlined specifically for internet transactions in Article 7:46c of the Dutch Civil Code: in a timely manner before the distance purchase is concluded, the other party must provide the following information with all means adapted to the technology used for distance communication and in a clear and comprehensible manner: are provided, ... the price, including all taxes, of the item; It is therefore not permitted to inform a consumer of a price excluding VAT, even if you state that the price is exclusive of VAT.

7. Complaints 
You need to create a complaints page. You may inform the buyer about how a complaint can be submitted and how you will deal with it. The advice is to include a 'complaints handling' within, for example, the customer service pages. For example, make it clear whether a buyer will receive confirmation of receipt of his complaint and provide information about the disputes committee of the Webshop Keurmerk Foundation. 

It is of course annoying if you have a complaint about our products and/or services. We would like to help you further and offer you a desired solution. You can email to:

Our employees from the complaints department will review the complaint and try to resolve the complaint to everyone's satisfaction.

After receiving your complaint, you will receive a confirmation from us.
We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt, if it requires more time, we will inform you.
If you do not appreciate this, you can always contact the mediation department of the Webshop Keurmerk Foundation, of which we are affiliated. They will then mediate

From February 15, 2016, it is also possible for consumers in the EU to register complaints via the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at ( .) If the complaint is not yet being processed elsewhere, you are free to file the complaint via the European Union platform.