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Zetuvit sterile absorbent bandage

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Zetuvit absorbent compress
Zetuvit absorbent compress is a highly absorbent compress, consisting of four coordinated material layers: a silky soft shell made of non-adherent double-layer non-woven, an absorbent core of cellulose fluff, a tissue layer for exudate distribution and a moisture-repellent layer of polypropylene non-woven material. woven on the back to protect against contamination. It is available in different sizes.

Zetuvit absorbent compress is suitable for the care of heavily oozing wounds. It provides effective protection and has a double membrane on the wound side to prevent adhesion to the wound.

  • Zetuvit sterile absorbent bandage
  • Manufacturer: Hartmann
  • Tissue cellulose distributes the secretion and helps to make better use of the absorption capacity of the suction body
  • Suction body consisting of soft cellulose flakes
  • High absorption capacity
  • Good protective effect
  • Moisture-repellent but breathable layer of polypropylene fleece on the back prevents secretions from seeping through
  • Closed all around and a soft structure at the ends
  • A blue thread marks the back of the compress to prevent application errors
  • For the treatment of moderate to heavily exuding wounds in all areas of medicine; for padding and protection of wounds.
  • Highly absorbent wound-friendly sterile dressing covered by a polypropylene non-woven that does not adhere to the wound;
  • Box 30 pieces
  • Available in different sizes