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Vitalograph My PEF Online Peakflow meter

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Vitalograph My PEF Peak Flow Meter

Manage your asthma with My PEF

The Vitalograph My PEF Peak Flow Meter is a new generation peak flow meter that helps you manage your asthma effectively. With the My PEF app you can track and compare your measurements online, so you can better understand your asthma and adjust your treatment.

The My PEF Peak Flow Meter is accurate, robust, wear-resistant and lightweight. The meter has an integral oval mouthpiece and two-color adjustable zone sliders, making it easy to read the results of your measurements. The meter has a range from 50 to 800 L/min and is supplied with a protective cap.

  • Track your peak flow measurements online for effective asthma management
  • Accurate, robust, wear-resistant and lightweight
  • Integral oval mouthpiece
  • With two-color adjustable zone sliders
  • Range 50 - 800 L/min
  • Includes protective cap
  • Complies with the ISO standard for peak flow meters

The myPEF peak flow meter comes with a unique ID card that gives users free access

to a secure website where peak flow measurements can be entered online at any time.

Because everything is tracked online, there is no longer a need to keep a paper diary.

for reliable, cost-effective remote monitoring, more effective patient coaching and asthma management .

If the patient wishes, practitioners can access the secure area to view the results online

of the patient and adjust the treatment where necessary.

It is also possible to generate PDF reports online .

You always have the data at hand , which helps to support effective asthma management.

Under the heading 'download' you will find a sample PDF report as well as a manual and a brochure.