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RespoSorb Super absorbent dressing

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RespoSorb Super dressing
RespoSorb Super absorbent dressing is a highly absorbent dressing consisting of four different material layers. It quickly absorbs exudate and wound secretions, retains them in the absorbent core and prevents maceration. It not only has a strong absorbent effect, but also ensures good padding of the wound.

Because RespoSorb Super can absorb extra moisture, the dressing needs to be changed less frequently; this promotes the peace of the wound and provides extra protection against contamination.

For the treatment of superficial, acute or chronic wounds that produce a lot of exudate (e.g. pressure ulcers, ulcers, ulcerative tumors, etc.)

  • RespoSorb Super
  • Manufacturer: Hartmann
  • RespoSorb Super dressing quickly absorbs exudate and wound secretion, even under compression,
  • Holds it in the absorbent core,
  • Prevents maceration and provides a moist wound environment.
  • RespoSorb Super not only has a strong absorbent effect, but also ensures good padding of the wound.
  • Absorbent bandage made from four different layers of material
  • Is closed all around and has rounded corners
  • Consists of a very soft hydrophobic membrane that prevents adhesion to the wound
  • The core of the compress is formed by soft cellulose flakes, which are mixed with polyacrylate polymers that retain liquid. This absorbent core is surrounded by a thin membrane that distributes the liquid evenly. The outside of the bandage consists of a green polypropylene fleece that is water-repellent and at the same time air-permeable and allows gas exchange.
  • The sterile, super-absorbent wound dressing for use on heavily exuding wounds
  • Box of 10 pieces.
  • Sterile individually packaged
  • Available in different sizes